The Art of Story Project

The shortest distance between two people is a story.

Story is one of the most powerful forces on earth. We are all hard wired for story.

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Are you a millennial chiropractor? Congratulations! You do things differently. You have won the jackpot for the perfect time and place to be a chiropractor.
I firmly believe that the millennial generation of chiropractors have the attitude and skills needed to take chiropractic from the place it is now (stuck) and into a new place of non-pushy public awareness, growth, and prosperity.
It is YOU we have been waiting for.
You have an incredible opportunity. You get to be authentically YOU and WIN.
I am building content about how to be an authentic AND successful chiropractor. Together, we will deconstruct the “old ways” and build the millennial way. Sign up for this free content today.


Impactful stories don’t just HAPPEN. They are built.

You shouldn’t have to be (or hire) a professional marketer to tap into the power of story. Great stories – stories that matter – have artful patterns and structure. You can learn the art of story.

When you take the time to understand what matters in story and what is the fluff, you will have a bigger impact. You will learn to recognize and to tell the powerful stories of your projects and your business.

The Art of Story has taught me the delicate intricacies of storytelling and how to weave these stories into my life. Mary taught me that everyone has a story (many of them) and that EVERY interaction with every person I meet is part of “my story” as well as theirs. Her classes helped me find my story and taught me that my story matters.

When I surrendered to the “Art of Story” process I found the work to be precisely what I needed to take my communication to the next level.


Storytelling and Speaking Class

Spending time learning the power of story enabled me to present my own stories more effectively so that can connect to my audience on a deeply authentic level, which in turn has made my messages more memorable and effective.

Mary’s diligence and love for story is contagious. She’s a well of information and enthusiasm. I would recommend anyone who is trying to truly connect with their speaking and writing, to seriously consider taking one (or more) of these courses.


Storytelling and Speaking Class

I decided to take the speakers class because I believe that the story of chiropractic deserves my very best effort. I knew I needed to put more time and energy into being a world class speaker so I could reach more people in my community who needed me.

I also learned how to analyze the audience, how to add in story effectively, and how to build a powerful close and call to action. All of these elements have been game changers for me.


Speakers Class

What really made the difference for me was the coaching. Mary’s feedback was HUGE. Mary identified details for improvements that I would have never realized by myself.

If you are considering this class – take it from me, it doesn’t matter your skill level – this will help you be a better speaker. Just start!

I wish I had done this years ago. If I had got this support earlier in my career – I realize how many speaking engagements I could have made that much better and helped more people.


Coached Speakers Class

Story is the Special Sauce

Story is at the HEART of human behavior. Story allows us to learn new things and make new choices. Use Story to broadcast your BIG IDEA to the waiting world.

The Amazeballz Challenge

The Amazeballz Challenge is here! If you are interested in having an amazeballz life, this is the project for you.

Online Classes

Online learning make it possible for busy people to keep learning. Do-It-Yourself classes let you build your own schedule and coached classes give you flexibility with mentorship. You choose!