Why Story Matters

Why Story Matters


Have you ever said that?

We do important work that we know the world truly needs. But sometimes (far too often) it feels like our words and our work is NOT connecting to the people who we are trying to help.

People don’t really “get” it. They DON’T know what we know. And no matter how hard we try to reeducate and inform people, their old ways of thinking and unconscious belief systems swaddle their ear, brains, and hearts from hearing our message.

The Art of Story Project was born as a real world, tried and tested ANSWER to this problem.

Story is as old as human communication. Story is what connects us consciously and unconsciously. Story cuts through the clutter and the bias of messy lives of human beings. Story allows our brains to accept new information in a different and more direct way than “information” and “education”. Story creates NEW pathways for understanding and learning.

Story can be used in writing (your newsletter, your brochures, your blog), in presentations, in personal communication, in promotions, in events, and in any format you can imagine. Story is (should be) EVERYWHERE.

We define ourselves by story.

Stories teach our heart and our minds.

A powerful story creates new opportunities and can lead to new choices. When we connect to a story we can choose hope over fear. We can choose love over doubt. We can expand our truths consciously and unconsciously.

When we tell story we change the world.

Story matters.

This project is about DOING something to integrate powerful stories into YOUR work so you can be more effective and help the world in bigger ways.