I was already a confident speaker. I was getting out into my community and speaking often, but I knew that I could be more compelling and more powerful with more training. I was preparing to the best of my ability, but I needed some more direction on how to prep SMARTER. I wanted to better connect to each and every audience member.

I decided to take this class because I believe that the story of chiropractic deserves my very best effort. I knew I needed to put more time and energy into being a world class speaker so I could reach more people in my community who needed me. After hearing from other students about how amazing Mary’s class was, I knew it was the right place for me.

While I was training with Mary, my biggest challenge was connecting with both the emotion and the content. I have always oscillated back and forth between the two and her class really has assisted me in learning how to structure my work so both of those items get the time and focus they deserve.

This class changed how I think about my content and my preparation.

I learned the prep I really needed and tactics to WORK SMARTER. Mary taught me to do the work in advance so I could thoughtfully build an outline and flow, AND authentically interject the emotional connection into just the right parts. Now, I notice the difference when I don’t put the work in when I prepare. When I skip steps, my effectiveness as a speaker is much lower than when I follow the format I learned.

I also learned how to analyze the audience, how to add in story effectively, and how to build a powerful close and call to action. All of these elements have been game changers for me.

Taking this class with Mary’s coaching made me a much more powerful speaker. By upping my game, I have been able to impact hundreds more lives not just of my patients but as a speaker in the larger chiropractic community as well.

Krysti Wick

Chiropractor, Coach and Speaker

Before this class I considered myself a pretty competent public speaker. I was being asked to speak at conferences and events and I had good feedback.

I had solid stage presence and was comfortable in public speaking, but I struggled to create an emotional connection with my audience. I also did not know how to plan a great speech. They only happened accidentally. I knew there was a potential I wasn’t reaching on my own.

Then I got booked to speak to an audience of 600 people. I knew it was time to stop thinking about it and do something.

I chose the Art of Story Project class because I had seen the progress other students had made and had experienced Mary’s personal ability to deliver an outstanding and memorable speech. I know she had the goods I needed.

By following and using the modules, I was able to stay on task as I prepared. I was excited to watch all the modules to incorporate it into my upcoming speech. The stress of preparation and planning were buffered by having a process to follow with the modules.

This training allowed me to access my own creativity and allowed me to deliver my message in a more powerful and connected way.

Watching the modules also made me realize ALL of things I was doing wrong! I needed to make some BIG changes. Mary gave me personalized feedback and taught me to keep what I was doing well and change the things that didn’t work. The coaching made a huge difference. Mary pointed out details of my performance that I would have never realized by myself.

Now I have much more awareness of what makes presentations great and I have a plan to make mine better every time. In the past I presented based only on my own natural skills and I knew I was missing the mark. Now I am more confident in my message and I feel I provide greater value.

Now that I know what to do – I am excited for my next speaking opportunity.

If you are considering this class – take it from me, it doesn’t matter your skill level – this will help you be a better speaker. Just start!

I wish I had done this years ago. I’m disappointed that I didn’t seek out this support earlier in my career because I know how many speaking engagements I could have made that much better with this training.

Ian Shtulman


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Years ago I decided I wanted to be a motivational speaker – but there was always something missing. I did not have a story. I never felt like I had the foundation to move or motivate people.

Then I met Mary and The Art of Story Project. The Art of Story process has improved my communication; in public speaking and in daily interactions with my family, friends, patients and complete strangers.

The Art of Story has taught me the delicate intricacies of storytelling and how to weave these stories into my life. Mary taught me that everyone has a story and that EVERY interaction with every person I meet is part of “my story” as well as theirs.

Her program helped me find my story and taught me that my story matters. This alone allows me to motivate people. She has created principles and procedures that really work. When I surrendered to the Art of Story process I found the work to be precisely what I needed to take my speaking and communicating to the next level.


Chiropractor and Speaker

I spent years studying Speech Communications in college. I endured hours and hours of writing and speaking training and yet, I was never introduced to the idea of Storytelling – until Mary.

This work has completely revolutionized the way I prepare my speeches and approach my writing. Spending time learning and experiencing the power of story has enabled me to present my own personal stories in such a way that I feel I can connect to my audience on a more authentic level, which in turn has made my messages more memorable and effective.

Mary’s diligence and love for story is contagious. She’s a well of information and enthusiasm. I would recommend anyone who is trying to truly connect with their speaking and writing, to seriously consider taking one (or more) of these courses.


Author and Speaker