The shortest distance between two people is a story

The Art of Story Project happens in the form of classes, free videos, newsletters (and hell, I’ll even communicate by semaphore if it will help you) to help YOU learn how to use story in your daily work to get your message out in more effective and compelling ways.

The Art of Story Project will help you to:

  • Recognize powerful and heartfelt story
  • Find your own voice in the form of story
  • Build compelling and strategic content
  • Learn to break down and use the essential kinds of stories
  • Use story and other effective content in public speaking and presentations
  • Learn the techniques of the most effective public speakers
  • Use story in writing stand-out content and marketing materials
  • Powerfully pitch your ideas through the lens of story
  • Content. Content. Content. Create content everyday in 100 different ways
  • Use story to change the world for the better

You ready for MORE story?