The Storytelling Module


The Storytelling Module

This module is the start to everything. When you learn the essential elements of stories, you can apply this work to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you do to make it better. Its a leverage point for your business. Once you can craft compelling stories you can communicate big ideas better and to more people.

Pace your education to your life. This online class gives you access to a series of videos that you will view and then you will apply the “assignments” to your work.

Purpose: Develop a deep understanding of story and apply it to all aspects of your business.
Who is it for: This module is for people who want to start using story right away.  We will build your capacity to craft and use stories and principles of story in your branding, marketing and communications right now, no matter where you are in your business.
Why should I start here?

Because everything starts with story. Story is the core building block of all memorable communication. Seriously, every bit of ancient history we know is because of the stories that persevered and made it out. Story is the most authentic and sustainable way there is to communicate.

You are an entrepreneur.

You are building and growing a business that care about passionately.

You spend countless hours building products, services, work flows, training people, fine tuning your ability to be awesome at what you do.

But people don’t understand what you do. They don’t always want to buy what you do.
You have a marketing gap. You are not a marketing expert, although you have probably learned a lot about marketing and have some skills already.

And you are in the communication business.

Not only are you in communication, you are in sales.

Story is one of the leverage points where you can focus on learning a very specific skill and then start applying it to EVERYTHING!

And one more thing. It works! Mary has been using story to create authentic sales strategies for years and has a proven track record in teaching others how to use this concepts to grow their businesses.

Format: Online videos which you will watch and assignments that you can complete at your own pace.

What you will learn:
  • Why story is your most powerful tool in business
  • The core elements of the Hero’s Journey
  • How to use The Hero’s Journey
  • Three essential parts of every story
  • Three kinds of stories you will use every day
  • Practical ways to use story in your business right now
  • How to write… and write…and re-write story
  • Learn to build a story sharing business