Do you want to build your business more effectively?

Learn to use story. Story changes everything.

The Art of Story Project was built to support small business owners and entrepreneurs in learning and applying the timeless (and insanely effective) art of storytelling.

You shouldn’t have to hire branders or professional marketers in order to effectively share your ideas and products with the world. We are here to make it easy, practical, and affordable for you right now.

We know you are busy. We offer you a range of online classes. When you register to take a class you will receive full access to the library of instructional videos for that module. Simply watch the videos and apply the lesson on your own schedule. You will have access to the private online community where you will be able to ask questions and network.

Want to take it even further? You can select the coached class and schedule one-on-one coaching calls with Mary. This gives you feedback and tips specific to your project and your stories.

Be sure to look through the modules to choose the class that will best suit your business and your big idea.

MODULE ONE: Storytelling Basics Module

This module is designed to help you craft a deeper understanding of the elements which make stories connect and inspire.

This class can be applied to anything you do as a small business owner. You will be able to use these principles in branding and marketing your business. You will use storytelling in your professional and person to person communications.

  • Storytelling Basics Module: $100
  • Storytelling Basics Module with private coaching *Limited to 10 concurrent students: $300

MODULE TWO: Storytelling and Public Speaking Module


We live in an age where its not enough to just get up in front of people and talk. We live in a world where the benchmark is the TED talk.

You need to be prepared to put out the very best version of your big idea when you get a chance to present. This is not difficult, but it takes knowledge, application, practice and more practice.

This module teaches you to use storytelling and other fundamental skills for more effective public speaking.

The videos for this class will break down every element of planning, crafting, practicing and delivering a TED talk worthy presentation. And of course, the magic sauce: lots of story.

The online group will give you feedback and insight from your classmates and mentors.

You will leave this class with the ability to deliver a top-notch presentation that truly connects your big idea to your audience.

  • Storytelling + Speaking Module:¬†$150
  • Storytelling + Speaking Module with coaching *limited to 10 concurrent students: $400