Do you want to write? Speak and communicate more effectively?

The Art of Story Project offers you a range of classes depending on your time commitment and how you plan to apply story. All of the above? Be sure to look through the options to choose the class that will best suit your next project.

Storytelling and Public Speaking Classes

Storytelling and Public Speaking Essentials

This class covers the fundamentals of using storytelling for more effective public speaking. This class teaches you how to prepare for a presentation, how to choose your key content, deliver it with professional polish, and of course, to add story to your presentation. You will leave this class with a strong ability to deliver public speaking more effectively and you will better connect to your audience.

  • Do it yourself – online videos only: $210
  • Do it yourself – online videos with private coaching: $400
Advanced Storytelling and Public Speaking Class

This class digs deep into advanced techniques covering methods to craft story and the ways story can be used to improve your ability to produce powerful and memorable public speeches. You will learn advanced techniques for delivering professional and profound public speeches.

  • Ten week coached online class: $500

Next scheduled class begins May 19th, 2015

  • Do it yourself – online videos only: $400

Storytelling + Anything You Want

Advanced Storytelling Class

This advanced storytelling class is designed to help you craft a deeper understanding of the elements which make stories connect and inspire. You will create and write every week and share your work for feedback in order to understand how your stories connect to an audience.

  • Ten week coached online class: $500
  • Do it yourself – online videos only: $400

Next class begins Fall 2015

Applied Storytelling Workshop

Learn a new skill and apply it to a project right away. Want to create a digital story? (like this) Do you have a presentation, a blog, a book, a project in need of an infusion of story? Bring your project to this three day intensive workshop and leave with major breakthroughs and tangible work completed.

  • Three day in-person workshop: $600 plus cost of lodging and food.

Next workshop is Fall 2015