The Amazeballz FAQ

Everything you wanna ought to know about the amazeballz challenge.

Q: What does the Amazeballz Challenge have to do with storytelling?

Everything and nothing.

The Amazeballs Challenge is about creating a system that will allow you to get unstuck and make huge shift happen in your life.
It is specifically about storytelling because many people use the Amazeballz Challenge to rewrite their own story and to make their story better.
Because the best story wins. So make your life story a best seller. This tool will help you do that.

Q: When should I start my challenge?

Start now. Waiting is the problem. (Although you might have to wait a tiny smidge for the portal to open. Sorry.)

Sign up for the challenge. You will be sent the PDF with instructions as soon as the new challenge is open (the challenge opens every other month). As soon as you get the email, start building your personal challenge goals. Tell people you are going to do this to create accountability. Start ASAP.

If you want to do this with other people, look on the amazeballz challenge facebook group to see when other people are starting. The first of the month tends to be popular.

Q: How will I pick my personal goals/individual goals?

Once you register for the amazeballs challenge, you will get am email from me with instructions as to how to build your own goals for the four parts of the challenge.

Q: What if I miss a day?

Get over it. You missed a day. Post “I missed a day. I didn’t do my stuff. But I’m back on it.” Then get back on it. Amazeballz is the exact opposite of stopping after one day of failure. Embrace the suck and carry on.

Q: When should I write and post my daily update/accountability post?

I personally believe in the power of making extra time in the morning. There is good evidence (see miracle morning) that starting your day with mindfulness and intention is pretty much the best hack evah!!!! So I recommend getting up 20 minutes early and document your details of the day prior and post it. Then take 5 more minutes to make a plan to you can accomplish your 4 things today. Just wanting them to happen is not enough. You will have to do a bit of planning. You got this.

Tip: I keep a word document open in google drive all day and make little notes and updates when things happen to stay on top of my logging/journal. Then in the morning I do some editing and add a few more details. That’s what works for me.

Schedule time for it and do it.

Q: Why is THIS program the right answer?

It may or may not be the right answer for you. This process has helped a lot of people who are interested in closing the gap between what they know they should do and getting going on doing it. And having a good time doing it. You won’t know if it works for you unless you try it. And it’s totally free, so what’s the hold up? The only thing holding you back is you.

Q: Why is it called “amazeballz”?

For one: amaze. Yep, I want to wallow in amaze.

For two: balls. Double yep! I love that it makes some people squeamish. I love that some people think it might be inappropriate. Balls balls balls. I was never sporty in my life but I love the amazeballs!

Q: You do know that “amazeballs” is spelled with an “s” at the end – right?

Yep. But I prefer to use two z’s. And I get to make it how I want. Just like you do. You can spell it other ways if brings you joy. Two z’s brings me joy because I’m enthusiastically odd.